Difference between Tpd And Trauma Insurance

Tpd insurance provides financial protection if you are permanently disabled and unable to work, while trauma insurance offers a lump sum payment if you suffer from specified critical illnesses or injuries. Tpd insurance covers permanent disability that prevents you from working and earning an income, whereas trauma insurance provides a lump sum payment upon diagnosis … Read more

Glass Plate Insurance Guide

Glass plate insurance policies protect against damage to valuable glassware, such as antique or ornamental plates. A glass plate insurance guide provides detailed information on the benefits, features and coverage of this specialized type of insurance policy. Glass plates are valued possessions that are often passed down through generations or purchased as collectibles. However, they … Read more

How to Avoid Mortgage Insurance

How to Avoid Mortgage Insurance by making a down payment of 20% or more of the home’s purchase price. Mortgage insurance is built into the loan to protect lenders from potential default by borrowers. However, this added cost can significantly increase the overall cost of the loan and lead to higher monthly payments. Making a … Read more

Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice

The insurance in superannuation voluntary code of practice aims to improve the insurance offered to australian superannuation members. The insurance in superannuation voluntary code of practice was established by the association of superannuation funds of australia (asfa) and came into effect on 1 july 2018. The purpose of the code is to enhance the quality … Read more

Income Protection Insurance Pregnancy

Income protection insurance generally does not cover pregnancy-related illnesses or those associated with childbirth. Maternity leave is instead backed by separate plans that may vary. Income protection insurance coupled with maternity benefits could offer comprehensive coverage for moms-to-be or new moms. The policy ensures account holders receive monthly benefits while on a temporary disability leave, … Read more

Section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act

Section 54 of the insurance contracts act prevents insurers from refusing claims in some circumstances, even if the insured person breached their contract. This section provides policyholders with protection against unfair outcomes by ensuring they receive the benefits they paid for. The insurance contracts act is an australian law that regulates the relationship between insurers … Read more

Cost of Colonoscopy Without Insurance

Cost of Colonoscopy Without Insurance

The cost of a colonoscopy without insurance typically ranges from $2,000 to $3,800. Colonoscopy, a procedure used to examine the colon for any abnormalities or signs of disease, is crucial for early detection and prevention of colon cancer. However, the cost of this procedure can be a significant concern for individuals without insurance coverage. In … Read more

Demolition Insurance Requirements

Demolition insurance requirements vary based on factors such as location, scope of work, and potential risks involved. When carrying out a demolition project, it’s crucial to have the appropriate insurance coverage in place to protect yourself financially against any unforeseen accidents or damages that may occur during the demolition process. This type of insurance typically … Read more

How to Claim a Split System Aircon on Insurance

How to Claim a Split System Aircon on Insurance, you must contact your insurance provider and provide them with all necessary information and documentation. Split system air conditioning units can be a valuable asset for homeowners and business owners alike. As with any major purchase, it is essential to have proper insurance coverage to protect … Read more

Gastric Sleeve Cost Sydney Without Insurance

Gastric Sleeve Cost Sydney Without Insurance ranges from $13,000 to $20,000. Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, has become a popular option for weight loss among those who have a body mass index (bmi) of 35 or higher and suffer from obesity-related health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. … Read more